Gender And Power In Advertisment

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Stereotypes and gender power are used in advertisements to sell today's products. The main power used is sex appeal. Many stereotypes are used such as men are all dumb, real men play sports, and blonde women are all dumb.

Advertisement number 1 is selling footballs and sporting equipment, the text at the top reads "YOU NEVER FORGET THE FIRST TIME YOUR BALLS GET KICKED." The word "BALLS" in the above quote is a commonly used word to replace the word testicals. This suggests that only men play sport, if you're a man and don't play sport then your not a real man and mustn't have any balls to get kicked. This advertisement is similar to the Carlton Cold video advertisement viewed in class in the way that they both have male stereotypes, the Carlton cold advertisement starts with a pretty woman trying to attract a man, she tosses her hair, flicks her lips, over exposes her thighs, and gives him a sideways glance.

After all of this the camera moves across to the man, and the voice in the background says "and the man patiently waits for a signal." This advertisement is saying that all men in pubs are dumb.

Advertisement number 2 is selling Bolle sunglasses. This advertisement simply says "Bolle protect your eyes" the picture on this advertisement is of a naked man and there is some bolle sunglasses covering his ass. This advertisement uses sex appeal to sell the sunglasses, as the main attraction of the advertisement is the naked man. This gets your attention and makes you stop to look at what the advertisement is selling.

Advertisement number 3 is a levis glam advertisement, this advertisement has a topless woman wearing levis glam jeans, this advertisement also uses sex appeal to sell the product. You see...