Gender Equality.

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Men and women are indeed equal. When discussing the controversial topic of gender equality we would do well to understand each other before making our decision on gender superiority. Why is it that many believe women are inferior to men? Why is it so many believe men should work while the women stay at home with the children?

One of the main reasons is tradition. A vast majority of us have simply been raised to believe men work while women stay home to care for the home and family. Men should get educated for the specific purpose of going out into the world to make their family fortune, and women should stay inside with the kids; why is that? We've been raised to believe men do the working. Even now in the new millennium if you hear of a man taking the role as homemaker and the wife earning the salary we may unconsciously critique them.

For some unknown reason we just consider that to be wrong. We have made great strides to correct our earlier beliefs that women are incapable of surviving alone and need to be taken care of. Some households try hard to instill the beliefs that we are all equal; however there still are pretend kitchens and vacuums all over America preparing our young women to take on the roles of the domestic workforce. How are we teaching our children that we are all equal, and at the same time teaching them that women like to clean and cook.

Another reason we tend to fall into these roles of the traditional men work and women stay home cultures may just be competence. Just for fun imagine an entire society of children being raised by men. Absolute chaos, dirty clothes, messy tangled hair; everyone's child would instantly...