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Essay by didieve November 2006

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Under the criterion/theme, "Apply conflict management methods to enhance group and team performance, I have chosen the issue of "Resolving Conflict through Negotiations."

Here is the issue I identified in the scenario and how it also applied to my benchmarked company, Microsoft-Novell. One of the issues I found with Gene One is that ever since Don Ruiz, CEO and founder of the company advised the leadership team of the plans to go public and transition into an IPO all the conflict began with the team. Gene One's leadership team will need to work on resolving their conflicts through negotiating with their CEO, Don Ruiz. They will need to communicate within a team setting so that their can air out their differences amongst each other and can get to the reason they are all there which is, to make Gene One's transition to IPO a success.

Ever since the existent of computers Microsoft and Novell have always disliked each other and there was never much effective communication between the two companies.

Recently they have been trying to make it easier for customers to run, integrate and manage Linux and Windows environments and help open source developers steer clear of patent and intellectual property concerns (Fontana, 2006). Microsoft and Novell realize that they need to resolve the

conflicts they have had with each other to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Mainly the customers who run mixed Windows and Linux environments and needed help solving issues between the two drove the negotiations.

The two companies decided to create a joint research facility staffed with both companies technical experts who built and tested the software. These experts will be able to assist the customers who are having the issues without having the customers going back and forth between the two companies. This is...