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In the following paper xxxxx will use the problem solution template and propose a solution to help Global Communications. Global Communications (GC) has experienced a 50% reduction in value and has found it hard to compete in the communication industry. In response to the current business environment Global Communications has placed a new CEO in charge of the organization. Senior management recently proposed a plan to improve the organization's success.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationThe issue that is the root of all subsequent issues is competition. Global Communications (GC) stockholders are grumbling about the poor stock values. In the last three years the stock has seen a 50% reduction in value. There are several markets competing for the same business, which includes cable companies. In response to the market demands Global Communications upper management has proposed a plan to create alliances with other industries to offer a wider array of services to its customers and market internationally.

The plan includes out sourcing jobs to foreign companies.

This presents several opportunities for GC such as increased stock value, higher sales, increased revenue, and growth potential, and international expansion. "Generic benchmarking can generate significant payoffs to an organization looking for the solution to a problem."The proposed outsourcing has strained relationship with the Union and the employee friendly relationship with the employees. "Emotions play an important role in workplace behavior." (McShane and Von Glinow, 2004, p. 7) Employees will likely become fearful for their jobs and will experience negative emotions. This will have a toll on employees, motivation, morale, and productivity as a result.

"When performing our jobs or interacting with coworkers, we experience a variety of emotions that shape our longer term feelings toward the company. The more emotions that are positive, the more we form positive...