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Global Communications has a vision of becoming a global communications company that will emerge to become an industry leader. Even though at present, the company's stock value on Wall Street is declining, the budget for the operating costs was assisted by the union that serves the employees by the return of 20% of education and healthcare benefits. Even with this return to the company coffers by the union, the upper management has announced a new strategic plan which calls for the closing of two call centers and their relocation to overseas markets. This plan was authorized by the board of directors, without much information or risk assessment analysis by the CEO. Now that Global Communications is at crisis flash over, the union is threatening to sue or bring in governmental entities to halt the move, the company cannot afford to be bogged down in regulatory red-tape. A collaborative environment must be created and maintained during a stakeholder involved strategic plan that will minimize risk and maximize profit and expansion into the global marketplace.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications can move into new areas of technology in the communications industry, becoming a leader as they have planned in their original strategic plan. In order to accomplish this goal, they will need to scrap the current policy and begin anew, this time involving all stakeholders in the furtherance of the company's expansion plan. In their attempt to implement their plan, the senior staff fell into what has become known as "Groupthink," having taken the strategic plan to the board of directors, who accepted it wholeheartedly, immediately set out to implement the plan without involving any of the stakeholders. This aberration occurs when people involved in the decision-making process choose not to disagree or raise objections, because they do not want to...