Genetic Engineering

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¡§Although genetic engineering appears to offer many solutions to individual and social needs, it also has many disadvantages which clearly outweigh the advantages.¡¨ The question of genetic engineering involves a wide range of perspectives including religious issues and moral concerns. Genetic engineering holds the key to many health benefits, breakthroughs in medication and furthering our understanding of DNA. Genetic engineering will also provide useful knowledge and solve very important problem for future generations. Overall, the advantages of using genetic engineering clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Genetic engineering is a laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of living organisms. DNA is the blueprint for the individuality of an organism. The organism relies upon the information stored in its DNA for the management of every biochemical process. The life, growth and unique features of the organism depend on its DNA. The segments of DNA that have been associated with specific features or functions of an organism are called genes.

Scientists believe that by altering the DNA of a specific organism they could change the identity of this specific organism including bacteria and viruses ( For example, tomatoes are sensitive to frost; this shortens their growing season. Fish, on the other hand, survive in very cold water. Scientists identify a particular gene, which enables fish to resist cold and use the technology of genetic engineering to insert this gene into a tomato. This makes it possible to extend the growing season of the tomato (Issues, Oct 1998). This technology enables humans to fight against nature in a variety of circumstances, such as getting cures for cancer and aids and increasing crop yield.

The public understanding of the terms associated with genetic engineering is as yet quite poor (Australasian Science, May 1999). The public does not have full understanding of...