Genetic Enginering

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Genetic engineering is a large topic spreading from alteration of an organisms genetic makeup to using it to increase plant food production. There are really many views to the topic. Genetic engineering is also used for couples to have better babies with out birth effects or a beautiful child. Couples can get different sperm or egg transplanted to have better children. Genetic engineering is a large complicated topic that relates to many things.

I have two sides to my opinion about genetic engineering. I agree with the use of genetic engineering as long as it is dealing with plants,food or used for medical reasons. But when genetic engineering is used to genetically alter peoples babies to have a perfect child or to clone people then i disagree with the topic. This is my two sided opinion of genetic engineering.

There are many pros to genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is being used to create more food for reasons like destruction of crops by plant viruses. It is also used to increase plant production, to diagnose disease, improve medical treatment and produce vaccines and other medical treatment and other useful drugs. I believe these are all good and useful ways to use genetic engineering in the world today.

In my mind there is also one con to teh subject of genetic engineering. I disagree with the use of genetic engineering to create the perfect human being. One reason i disagree with the topic regarding humans is because every day many couples try to have kids and are unable to, but than you have couples being able to have perfect children wanting to use genetic engineering to have perfect children. People do this just to have a perfect looking, smart child or just to insure they have kids with no defects. I disagree with this because soom we will have a bunch of kids that look alike because everyone wanted a perfect kid instead of being happy with god's creation. I believe genetic engineering should not be used to deal with human alterations.

I used two sources to get my information on the topic of genetic engineering. I used microsoft encarta encyclopedia and america online search to get my information. I believe that genetic engineering is fine as long as it doesnt deal with the aspects of creating people. But this is where people have hard times deciding whether to be for or against the topic of genetic engineering and it is a hard decesion.