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Genghis khan


The purpose of this report is to introduce you to Genghis Khan, how he conquered

China and his journey to get there. The Information presented in this report was gathered using the internet, the school library and using text books.

2.Genghis Khan

2.1.Who Was Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan was originally known as Temujin. He was born early in the 1160's an exact date is unknown. His father was chief of the Yakka Mongols, but was poisoned in 1171 when Temujin was ten. From an early age he was said to have been intelligent, brave and a skilful fighter. Genghis conquered Mongolia and china. He was seen as a political and military genius.

2.2.Struggle to Power!!

Although Genghis Khan had many victories, getting to that stage was a hard task. In 1171 Temujin's father was poisoned to death by Merik warriors. At ten Temujin became the chief of his tribe, but all the members deserted him.

They left temujin and what was left of his family to fend for themselves. For three years they lived a harsh existence digging roots for food and only owning seven sheep.

Temujin was speaking with some of his ex-tribesmen. He was telling them about his military and political views. The tribesmen liked his ideas, and more and more people came to listen to him. He used his audiences to form armies. Temujin's training techniques were tough and strict yet effective. Using these techniques he formed a superior army. Because of what happened to him in 1171, Temujin wrote the fist Mongol code of law, called Yasa. The code said that his commandos must stay loyal to their leader/ruler.

His goal from then on was to leave the world better than he had found it. Temujin attacked...