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Understanding TelevisionAssignment TwoShane Gladstone

Chose a television genre. Outline its distinguishing characteristics and discuss its place in the medium of television today. Make reference to at least two programmes in your answer.

Selected genre - Television News: The BBC

'From the 1950's onwards numerous surveys of public opinion have demonstrated that the public learns about world news primarily from television.' (Mullan, B 1997:80)

News tells stories. The stories of our society both good and bad and as a television genre it is something we could not live without. Reporting daily and ongoing events around the world in a spoken word / image hybrid of everyday journalism. Television News is widely regarded as THE mass medium, the only constantly reliable information source to appear on our screens. Even though technological advances and the ongoing development of the Internet have enforced demise in media control. The explosion of Digital Television and News 24, both giving you up to the minute access and ongoing progress reports 24hrs a day shows why it deserves its status as a primary force with the medium of television today.

Each station follows a similar linear structure and operates around the same stylistic ideals, however 'News comes in a variety of shapes and sizes: simply compare, for example, the rolling, reporter led CNN news, the more 'entertaining' News at Ten, the discursive Channel 4 programme of the early evening, and the conventional and painstakingly presented BBC bulletins.'(Mullan, B 1997:80) and you will see many differences in style, conventions, pace and structure.

I have chosen The BBC and it's flagship channel BBC 1 as a model for my study into the genre of television news. This decision was made primarily on the basis of The BBC's dedication to the genre. Here is an example of how news programmes...