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George Orwell Many writers use satire techinques to attack areas of life they didn't agree with. Satire is a cunning way to express their opinions. Some of these works today are considered masterpieces and works of art. One writer who was a genius at incorporating beliefs in his writings was George Orwell.

Commonly known by his pen name, George Orwell was an English novelist and social critic (Wadsworth 866). Orwell was born in Begal, India and was later educated in Eton, England. He was the son of Richard Blair an opium agent and his "much younger wife" Ida. Relations between Orwell and his father wre non-existent for the first eight years of his life ("Orwell," The Oxford Companion 516). Orwell was considered to be "another public school boy," who alwys seemed to the with an "akward squad" (George Orwell," The Oxford Illustrated Hisory 442). In 1990-4, Orwell, his mother, and his older sister moved to England leaving Orwell's father on his own in India until he retired in 1911.

Orwell continued his education at "St. Cyprian's Preparatory School under the regime of Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes," which he later brutally portrayed in his novel Such, Such Were the Joys" ("Orwell," The Oxford Companiion 516). After leaving school, he joined the "Imperial Indian Police," and after five years in Burma, resigned in 1928 ("George Orwell," The Oxford Anthology 2140). Burma left him with a "lifelong distaste" for power ("George Orwell," St. Martin's Anthologies 398). Orwell remained living a "life of poverty" in England and Europe until the mid-1930's (Wadsworth 866).

In 1927 after an attack of "dengue fever" he returned to Europe ("Orwell," The Oxford Companion). In 1936 he took over a village store, married, and was commisioned to write about England's umemployed. When liviing among the poor, he wrote Wigan...