George Washington

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The Founding Fathers of the United States did many things to ensure the freedom of the American citizens. If it were not for these men and women our country would not be what it is today. George Washington was not only the first President but also, a Founding Father, a general, and a loving father and husband. George Washington played arguably the biggest role in the American Independence.

George Washington was born in 1732 to the family of a Virginia planter; this is where he gained his moral foundations, his manners, and how to be 'a proper gentleman.' In 1754 Washington became a lieutenant and fought in battles which lead to the French and Indian War. Four years later, he began to serve in the Virginia House of Burgesses, and then later went on to be elected as Commander in Chief for the Continental Army. While in this leadership position Washington believed that the best method was to make a plan before action.

He once said "an essential step to this will be immediately to devise a plan, and put it in execution."

Among George Washington's many accomplishments he helped to establish the United States as we know it today. Washington was a fantastic leader who not only was looked up to by his soldiers, but also by the American citizens.

With out George Washington, our country would have a very different history written in our text books. George Washington played a major part in securing American independence from Britain. Washington led the country through war, and with out him they probably would not have won. Although he was not a strong strategist, he was filled with common sense and determination which were his strongest points.

Without George Washington our country would be very different, and we would...