George Washington: Great Military Hero

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George Washington: Great Military HeroDuring the 1770's, the United States of America were fighting their revolution against the mightiest power back then: Britain. It didn't look good for the Americans at the start of the war because they didn't even have a good leader to command the Continental Army at first. But one hero emerged among thousands and his name was George Washington. As commander in chief during the American Revolution, Washington built a large army, held it together, kept it in a maneuverable condition, and prevented it from being destroyed by a crushing defeat. This army which was composed of rag-tag volunteers battled the superior British army and actually won numerous battles, namely the Battle of Trenton, and victory at Yorktown. He was able to keep his soldiers together during the war's low point: the winter at Valley Forge. Not only was George Washington a hero in battle, he was a hero out of battle when he was also able to stop the first ever coup that was about to occur on our country called the Newburgh's Conspiracy.

If this coup was carried out, the American government would be very different from today. Although George Washington did make some mistakes during his military career, he deserves to be one of our greatest military heroes because of his victories and intelligent strategic tactics he showed on the battlefield which led us through the Revolutionary War.

Unquestionably, the Battle of Trenton showed how skillfully George Washington's battle tactics were when he drove the Hessians out of the Trenton on Christmas night! On December 26, 1776, "Washington's plan was to cross the Delaware at three points above Trenton and attack the Hessian garrison in the town in a surprise attack." This was extremely clever of Washington because the Hessians were usually the...