Germany: criticize the treaty of Versailles, and why was it so hard for them to accept the treaty?

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When the big 3 came to Germany with the proposed treaty, Germany was shocked and felt deeply cheated. Instead of being given a peace of reconciliation, they had received a peace of subjection and punishment. The fact that Germany was not even invited to the discussions of the treaty was the start. They had to leave the conclusion of the treaty up to the big 3, which was not what Germany wanted as France, Britain and USA all wanted Germany punished in some way or another.

Economically it would leave Germany in a state of disaster. Huge loss of land (meaning loss of people, iron/coal supplies/agricultural land etc) and extremely high reparations to pay to the other countries would leave Germany with a huge chance of hyperinflation.

Not being able to join the League of Nations left Germany angry, and now that the Kaiser had gone and a new democratic government in charge, with all the problems the treaty would cause, it would be harder to stabilize this new government.

But the treaty would also leave Germany on a huge military low, with the army limited to 100,000 men and no air force or navy etc.

With moral low, people started saying they had felt forced into the war in the first place, so being blamed for the start of the war was not hat they wanted. But Germany really just had to sign the treaty. Not accepting it, it would start the war again, and Germany was just not strong enough to hold off France from invading. For Germany, it was hard for them to accept the treaty, as basically it was just too harsh. But with no choice not to, it had to be signed no matter what, as Germany would be in even more trouble.