The Ghostly Awakening

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It was my birthday, July 10, 2001. I was turning eight years old. My family had thrown me a wonderful birthday party. It was loads of fun! I opened presents, ate cake, played with my friends, and did everything else a kid would do at a birthday party.

After the party was over, everyone left and returned home. We still had a lot of birthday decorations left. There was this big helium filled balloon that I had got for my birthday. I took it into my room and tied it on my rocking horse. I was getting sleepy. I had, had a big day, and it was getting late. So I went on to bed. I dreamed of all the gifts I had received, and all the fun I had at my party.

About two o'clock in the morning I woke up and had forgotten all about my birthday party the previous day.

I looked around my dark room. All I could see was a beam of light shining trough a crack in my window. Then a shock of horror entered my frightened body, as I saw a figure of a man sitting on my rocking horse. I was scared to death. It looked just like a ghost, it was dark so all I could see was a figure of a ghostly man.

It seemed like hours passed, while I just looked at the mysterious figure, gradually swaying from side to side. I wanted to scream for my momma, but I was afraid if I did the creature would try to kidnap me, or something worse. I started to cry silently. I was terrified! It seemed like another hour had passed. Then, I finally worked up enough courage to call for my mom. I yelled " momma", No one came. I yelled again. Still no one came. I yelled one last time. Finally my mom came in. She asked what was wrong. All I could say was there was a ghost in my room, and I pointed to the mysterious figure. My mom looked frightened. She flipped on the light. There, gently swaying side to side, tied to my rocking horse, was my birthday balloon.

I felt like an idiot. I had mistaken a ghost for a balloon. My mom laughed at me a little and, and then I reminded her, that before she switched the light on, she too had felt scared. She walked over to the balloon and threw it away. She told me that everything was okay, and to go back to sleep. I was relieved that it really wasn't a ghost. I tried to go back to sleep, but I never could. I still felt the presence of someone or something was still in my room, watching every move I made. I started wondering if maybe the ghost like creature was still there, and was using the whole balloon identity as a cover up. I will never know what exactly happened on the night dark night of July 10, 2001. The night of the ghostly awakening.