Giovanni and Lusanna by Gene Brucker

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Social classes and power in Renaissance Florence, as well as today, are strongly linked to the idea of money; how much one has monetarily usually dictates a person's lifestyle. The more money one had, earned, or inherited, the higher up in social status one eventually ranked and the higher a person's social status, the more power was gained in the community and surrounding areas. Power is linked to money and social ranking and that was the key to survival in the Renaissance time period, or at least a decent existence. There are few factors that can contribute to a person's rise in power, whereas there are many factors that can bring a person's power to nothing.

The trial was to decide on the validity of the marriage between Giovanni and Lusanna. In this dispute, Giovanni and Lusanna were both fighting to keep their honor and respect in society, but as always the one with the power presides.

It is always about "who" a person is and their connections. Giovanni was an upper class, young wealthy man from a family of great respect with an enormous amount or power (10). His family held much honor and Giovanni being upper class and wealthy could have had any woman, not just in his social rankings.

Lusanna was a lower class, older widow from an artisan family, not to mention a woman in Renaissance Florence, these factors gave Lusanna almost nil power compared to Giovanni (100). Even with her great beauty (15) and generous dowry (10)­, which her father being an artisan worked very hard to further his social status and give his family a better place(5). Her first marriage was arranged and decent and after her husband's death and a supposed secret marriage to Giovanni a short time later which...