Girls are better students than boys

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Boys are Better Students than Girls

1 Mr. President today's topic is really interesting because it is hard to compare the qualities of boys and girls. Anyhow my arguments are in favour of girls. Mr. President we should accept the reality with open heart that girls in fact are more capable than boys and we should admire their qualities. Who is smartly running our PIPS girls wing? A female. Who are performing duties as judges? Mr. President the answer is females. Mohterma Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Fahmida Miraza, Dr. Ayesha Sidiqa, Banu Qudsia and Madam Bilques Edhi and Arfa Karim are females and they all worked excellent in their youth and earn good name in the pages of history. We should not only admit them but also solute them.

2 Mr. President, there are a lot of arguments in my views who is better between boys or girls. Different people have diverse ideas. In my opinion, I entirely agree and admit that girls are better students than boys.

3 During the middle school, high school, and college, Mr. President, we can see that most girl students study harder than male students. Female students always prepare their home works very carefully and review their books at regular time. As a result, they show academically better results than the boys.

4 Mr. President Girls do better than boys in school because they are hardworking and more motivated than boys. Girls are very much interested in getting good careers and they realize. Technically speaking girls always top the ranking, they're always the best in academics. Mr. President it is universal reality that females are sharp minded than males. Females make the world but males destroy it.

5 Mr. President the girls are hard worker, talented, do not boast like boys, creative minded, peaceful. Girls are participating in politicians, writers, journalist, and social worker. Mr. President it is fair to say that girls are better students all around. Generally speaking the evidence is absolutely clear and the space here is too little and everybody knows it well globally so it is not a matter of debate at all. So Mr. President no doubt about that girls are certainly better, smarter and superior to boys.

Thank you