"The Giver" By: Lois Lowry

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S (speaker): The story is written in limited omniscient. The novel was told from Jonas’s point of view by someone who observed Jonas. They knew what Jonas was thinking and experiencing, but they only learned what others were thinking as soon as Jonas learned them.

O (occasion): Although the actual time period or location was never directly mentioned, the setting always felt familiar but strange. As the book begins, it seems as though they are living in a utopia; yet it quickly becomes apparent that their world is almost more foolish than it is perfect. If anything, this novel is more likely set in the future although many aspects of the novel are nearly impossible, so the idea that there could be an actual time period which this novel would be based on is hard to come by.

A (audience): Lois Lowry wrote this novel for people who read at a relatively high level, along with people who enjoy reading books that allow them to think a lot while they read, as comprehending the community and the actions taken towards the community are almost too much to understand without taking a fair amount of time to grasp what your reading.

P (purpose): I believe that Lois Lowry wrote this book to make people think more than anything. We as Americans get settled into our societies and we seldomly think about what it would be like if our lives weren’t exactly like they’ve always been. By writing a book like The Giver it allows people to become familiar with the life we live and how different our world could be.

S (subjects): The main subject’s or focus’s brought forth throughout this novel were human connections, self-discovery, world discovery, discipline, family, intelligence, courage, and respect.

T (tone): The tone of...