"The Giver" by Lois Lowry- Ending

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The Giver

Chapter 24


It has been a year since Jonas left his community with Gabriel in search of "elsewhere".

It took a week for Jonas &Gabriel to reach "elsewhere" from the community, but luckily nothing happened to Gabriel but luck hadn't played that well for Jonas. His all right arm was frostbite. While Jonas & Gabriel was strolling around "elsewhere" they saw many cold people that weren't willing to help two strangers even if they are a couple of children's until they finally ended up stumbling into an old man that took Jonas to the hospital so they will be able to cut his arm and took both Jonas & Gabriel to his home.

Meanwhile at the community, everyone started to remember all of the memories that The Giver gave to Jonas & that were released in the community when Jonas left the community. The Giver didn't know what to do with all the chaos that was raging inside the community until he came up with an idea.

"Everyone listen to me!" he shouted through the message system of the community. "I know that your feeling pretty confused about what's going on but its ok" he continued "what you are feeling right now is something that took Jonas a whole year to internalize and you had to internalize it in one day!" " What you don't know is that in all this confusion there are good things too!" he said "Look inside your memories for a cozy feeling that tingles your stomach, can you feel that warm feeling? Its called LOVE" "its what a parent feels for his son it's what you called STIRRINGS" "from now on please stop take your medicine against the stirrings and you should all feel a lot better" and they all stop taking...