How the Glass Menagerie Relates to the Metallica Song Frantic

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The song Frantic by Metallica applies to The Glass Menagerie in that, two of the main characters in the play are going through in a sense what the song is describing.

Tom, I believe is the most prominent example, in that he is the most rebellious. He tries to run away from his problems by getting involved in self destructive escapes such as the late nights out drinking, the dance clubs, and sex. He can see that these activities are not good for him and certainly not was his mother wants, yet he continues to go down the same path; much like in the song when it poses the question, if you knew what lay ahead would you, "stop to warm at karmas burning or look ahead, but keep on turning?" Tom also gives up his dreams or sells his life for $65 a month at his job. He's "worn out [of] always being afraid.

An endless stream of fear that I've made." Isn't Tom afraid of losing all of his dreams? Always worried that his life will be stuck where it is, and that he'll never escape.

Laura has certain qualities that also apply to the song. She is a shy shut-in that never quite realizes the real world. She is always, "Treading water full of worry." Afraid of disappointing her mother. She drops out of her college courses and has a low self-esteem. This self loathing to an extent can even be more destructive than physical damages. She will not have the strength or confidence in herself to live a real life. All she can do is, "keep searching" for the answer, yet the "search goes on" if she can never realize her potential. She is so fragile, wasting away her days taking care of her glass menagerie.