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Taylor Martin

Professor Barbara Green

Writing 102

31 October 2014

"The Glass Menagerie" created by Tennessee Williams is a very touching drama. Throughout the drama it is easy to believe the story is about the process of finding a gentleman caller for Laura; towards the end of the reading it becomes clear that the drama is about a young man named Tom Wingfield (Laura's brother). Tom had a very hard life, starting with his father leaving his entire family at a young age; he tries to find ways to deal with this horrible set back but fails to become a better person, Tom ends up making irrational decisions towards his family. Although the story is based on Laura the drama has a deeper meaning then meets the eye, the author Tennessee Williams tried to make his readers believe that the story was initially made about Laura but Tom ended up playing a bigger part in the Drama then led to believe.

In "The Glass Menagerie" Williams uses language, symbolism and imagery to explore the roles of the damaged family dynamics.

Laura Wingfield is the sweetest character in the play. She does absolutely nothing to harm anyone else in the play. She is selfless and cares a lot about her brother Tom Winfield. She cries for her brother's pain and unhappiness with his life. Laura is very unique just like her glass menagerie. Amanda Wingfield is Laura's mother and not as selfless as her daughter, she did not step up as a single parent, she left a lot of the burden on Tom. Although she is selfish in letting Tom take a big role, she is a very strong woman that has come across a lot of problems in her life. She had to deal with her husband leaving...