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The world is moving towards an integrated and interdependent world economy. An economy where in firms are expanding globally to increase their profitability in a number of ways not available to purely domestic enterprises. This step can be clearly seen in the case of the company "Clear Vision" manufacturer and distributor of eyewear which was started in the 1970's by David Glassman. This multinational firm has production facilities on three continents and serves consumers worldwide. This U.S based firm found it difficult to meet the expenses of manufacturing home, to survive in the competitive period Clear Vision had to move import this decision aroused from the fact that importing was low. Clear Vision now wanted to product best products with low cost and high quality thus it decided to manufacture in China assemble in Hong Kong R&D in Japan since Japan has the qualities which ensure cutting edge technology and designing in France and Italy as these two countries posses high skill designers.

This strategy adopted by Glassman held justice in every aspect of the country as all the countries fell in the category of a strong economy. The big question raised for this paper was should Clear Vision continue or amend its strategy.

Personally I feel that Clear Vision has done the write thing by adopting this strategy. It would be clearer by assessing countries individually on the basis of their current and future economic growth.

CHINA: China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As home of a quarter of the human race and a substantial portion of its resources, it has great potential while most of the world has endured recession and weak growth Greater china has enjoyed a boom. The rise of Great China may be the transcendent economic event of the next...