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Global Competitors

Global business competition is getting tougher and complex. Each global company competing to show the advantages. These companies play as an existing industry or even newcomer industry. Clearly, these companies increase business competition in the global trade industry. Gupta et al (2008:3) describes four focuses that can be used on each global company to appear and persist as a player in global market:

First, market opportunities. To seize market opportunities, global businesses can be positioned as a new business or make changes on existing industry.

Second, competitive advantage. Each global company should be able to take advantage of opportunities to create value in order to have a competitive advantage. Porter in Kristanto (2011:112) reveals two basic strategies to achieve competitive advantage namely through the low cost strategy and differentiation strategy.

Third, global mindset. The global businessmen should be aware of cultural diversity in the world with a global mindset, so it can be increase the creativity to utilize diversity be an opportunity to grab market.

Fourth, emerging market countries. Market growth in emerging market countries are very rapidly. The global businessmen can consider emerging markets as treasure trove. Besides the large population, many things that can be utilized from Countries of emerging markets, such as low labor costs, lagging technology and infrastructure is still inadequate (Kotobe, 2010:599).

Bradley in Kristanto (2011:112) also describes six factors that need to be analyzed to understand the competitors in the global market:

First, the size and growth of competitors. To see the size and growth of competitors can be seen from the large number of competitors' market share and how the rate of growth of the market shares of competitors in every year. whether from year to year market shares are up and down (fluctuating), increases each year, or declining.