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Music industry is a prevailing creative industry in the modern world. It develops rapidly with more people engaging in and creates many business opportunities. The main creative product in the music world is music album. To frame it in terms of space, time and activities, a music album is recorded and edited in a studio, played by listeners during leisure time and promoted in occasions like concert and charity shows. The production of a music album is divided roughly into four stages, namely, idea and concept germination, recording production, post-production editing and sales and distribution. The main parties involved are a composer, lyric-writer, music

producer, artiste, sound engineer, mastering engineer and marketing staff. This essay is going to investigate how each party interacts and affects one another in the production of a music album, the creative product

Ideas & concept germination

A composer is responsible for drafting the subject matter of the whole album.

Thus, he/she will think about what message each song is going to deliver. In this stage, the ideas the composer comes up with could be a brief one and it gets more detailed as the production process continues. After picturing the whole story, the composer will compose the song. The melody is often created in a single instrument, such as piano or guitar, or by human vocal.

The composer will then communicate with a lyric writer. In collaboration with the composer, the lyric writer would pick a language and style, such as Jazz, classic, blues, pop etc., for the song that suits the ultimate message and create the best effects for listeners.

Recording production

A music producer takes charge of this stage. As the song develops, the producer will think of the general arrangements of the song, including what instrument to use, how the...