This Essay is all about Product Place ment in Modern Films.

Essay by Bluesteel45A-, July 2003

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For the average person living in North America it is very difficult not to get caught up in the capitalist machine. Companies are constantly bombarding citizens with advertisements and logos. As North Americans are becoming more desensitized to advertisements corporations have become more creative and forceful with both the volume and placement of their logos and slogans. The following quote from the anti corporate book 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein details this new phenomena .In No Logo, Klein speaks of the loss of both public and physical space to corporations and their advertisements. From parks, to buses to bathroom stalls advertisements seem to encroaching on our daily lives. Corporations have even gone so far as to engulf the once sacred area of art. Many art galleries, concerts and book tours have become sponsored and branded by corporations and their logos. One of the more aggressive areas of art that the corporate world has taken over seemingly unnoticed is that of the cinema.

Over the past two decades there have been a growing number of advertisements, slogans and logos found in Hollywood films. Hollywood California, in the United States of America, turns out a large number of the movies the world watches Hollywood has also created a significant number of the top grossing movies made worldwide. Movie making companies have incorporated corporate logos into film to such an extent that the fine line between business and art in the movie industry has blurred. This paper will look at this fine line and attempt to create a better understanding of how corporate advertising became so prominent in the film industry and how this relationship affects the industry, the artist, the movie as an art form and most importantly the audience. The effects of corporate logos in film on the audience will...