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Topic: Film, Video, DVD and Online Delivery - Chapter 2: Inventing a Local Hollywood - Local Hollywood by Ben Goldsmith, Susan Ward & Tom O'Regan (2010)

This document contains a summary of my understanding of the chapter "Inventing a Local Hollywood" from the book Local Hollywood by Goldsmith, Ward and O'Regan (2010). Additionally, other literature has been used to support some of the claims made by the author and myself.

Global Vs. Local Hollywood:

According to Goldsmith, Ward and O'Regan (2010) -The term 'Global Hollywood' expresses the global access of major Hollywood studios, and how financing, production, distribution and exhibition of films are now being done on a world scale by the majors, their minors and partners.

When "Global Hollywood" resources such as labor, capital and information are pooled together in a specific location for production, distribution or exhibition purposes, the authors argue that it streamlines change in that location and transforms that location into a "Localized Hollywood".

This process of localizing an industry is often supervised by Hollywood majors who design and shape the rules for the game in that location.

The main focus of the game is to take advantage of the resources available in these "Receiving places" and use them to corporate advantage. Many majors have been known to bypass national laws and work together with state level government's in order to gain support and continue their resource poaching.

Although a "Global Hollywood" opens doors to diversity and cultural influence because of the degree of freedom in production venues, in a sense this concept is still just another push towards capitalism and business. Essentially even the concept of "local Hollywood" is a means of corporate diversification and risk mitigation, even though it can be argued that localized industries eliminate differences between...