Global Operations Management

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Companies that are looking to expand in foreign markets have a lot of preparation a head of them in order to successfully make the merge. Research is a vital part of the any global marketing plan. Performing a SWOT analysis will create a standing point on the company to where it is now and what it wants to be. Accentuating company strengths and strengthening weaknesses will be an important position to know when entering a new market. The global market is full of potential for any company but the risks are equally as concerning. Aluminum U.S.A is looking to team up with a Japanese automotive company that will expand both the aluminum and automotive industries. Since using aluminum to create an enhanced automotive engine the merger has extreme potential to take the automotive industry by storm. In this paper, the global operations for Aluminum U.S.A. will be examined with regard to management in the areas of human resources, ethical and legal issues, supply chain management, information technology, research and development and cultural awareness.

Human Resources (HRM)Human resources management can assist companies looking to expand on a global level. Since dealing with people is an important factor when designing a marketing plan it remains to be on an equally important factor when dealing with foreign countries and learning about their cultures. Human resources assist work relationships not only on a personal level but a work level as well. The human resource management at Aluminum U.S.A Global will deal with empowering its employees to bring them towards meeting their professional goals while assisting the organization to their company goals. The HR department will have to handle not only American employees but their foreign employees as well so it will be important to have a representative that deals with the native language...