Global Warming.

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Global Warming

Some people believe that global warming and the greenhouse effect is real and humans cause part of it. They believe this for many reasons. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which are made by humans, have been rising, causing the earth's temperature to rise. Scientists say that there is a less then a two-percent possibility that the melting of polar ice is caused by natural climate (Woodard). Changes in cities also affect local climates, which are caused by population growth (Eblen). Also, the earth is warmer then any time in history. The four warmest years have all been in the 1980s (Polesetsky 58).

Others believe that global warming is exaggerated. Some believe that the press just over does it. They don't believe it is true because we have only raised one degree in the last 100 years (Polesetsky 64). Some blame global warming on volcanoes (Eblen). Many believe that the melting of the ice caps and rising global temperature is caused by our natural climate (Woodard).

Although a one-degree increase does not seem like much right now, it has a big effect in the long run. A four-degree rise can melt part of our polar caps and change all of our ocean levels. Scientists predict that the average global temperature will rise these four degrees towards the end of the next century.

The rising of our temperature is like the rising of the population. Many do not realize if there is a population problem because it is hard to tell at first. Like populations, the temperature doubles. Even though the temperature rise does not seem like much now, it will eventually keep doubling and cause a huge problem. (Eblen)

Some blame global warming on volcanoes. Volcanoes do rise the temperature of our atmosphere. Large eruptions can rise the...