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Values, why they are important, my favorite Army value,

and why it is necessary to have values in order to be a leader?

James Dawson

Salve Regina University

MSL 201

SGT Rubang

September 11, 2014

In today's society values and morals tend to be overlooked even though that is all we have to identify ourselves as a person. Values and morals have an adverse effect on everyone's lives whether you realize it or not. These values are used by us to make decisions, if you have a set of strong values you will be more likely to make a good, strong decision. But if your values are weak and lacking when it comes time to make a good decision you may end up making the wrong choice, putting yourself into a bad situation that could have been avoided. The reason why having values is important in today's society is because the world is changing every day, one mistake can land someone on national television or in jail.

Although having values will keep you out of trouble it will also allow you to have a clear conscious, not all the time will making a bad decision based on bad values will end up with you in jail. but when you make a decision without keeping to a strong moral code it will be something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life, which is another reason why having morals is a good thing.

The Army values are important to me because they are what I believe all people should live their life by. Everyone in the world has a set of values whether they are good or bad they still have them. The Army values...