God and his covenants with abraham, moses and jesus and how they still affect us today

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Try to imagine a world with no faith, no God, and no rules. Envision no priests, churches, bibles, or prayer. That is how it would be if God had not made the covenants with Abraham, Moses, and David. Throughout time, God has made several covenants with his people. One of the oldest known was the covenant of Abraham. Since then, he has made covenants with Moses and David. A covenant is a mutual deal between two parties. In each one of these covenants, God promised us something if we in return honor Him and give Him praise. So far, I would say that we, his people, have followed his covenants and that in return he has fulfilled his covenants for us.

Abram was the first man to whom God appeared. Together, they agreed on one of the first covenants in the Bible's history. Abram was a solemn man. He was the son of Terah.

The first time God appeared to Abram was in Herah. God told Abram to go forth from his land to a new land that God will show him. The Lord will make it a great nation, and that he will give him blessings. With that, Abram went as the Lord directed him to the land of Canaan. Abram took with him his wife Sarai, and his nephew Lot. He also took with him all of the possessions that he had accumulated. When they arrived in Canaan, they passed through the Holy place of Shechem. The Lord appeared to Abram and presented him with that land. Immediately, Abram built an altar and gave praise to God. After he moved to Bethel, he then moved on to Negeb.

After all of these events had occurred, Abram had a vision of God. God told Abram not to be...