Gods Existence or Non- Existence

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God: Existence or Non-Existence

God is the author of existence, while man is the author of religious philosophies and beliefs. Professional biologists, most scientist, atheists, religious belief, and various philosophers have put forward several arguments and counterarguments about the existence of God. The issue is how humans attempt to prove or disprove the existence of God. This issue is important because observable facts show a drop a blood is human beings personal experiences with God. (Explain) Me being a spiritual believer in God, I have done research on the philosophies and beliefs of the existence of God. This research paper will consider both arguments for and against the existence of God and point to some of the indifference beliefs. (THESIS STATEMENT)

Numerous informal arguments through the count of time have been under debate for and against the existence of God. It has been claimed that, God is said to be the beginning and end of all things (Is, xlviii, 12); all things else are from Him, and by Him, and in Him (Rom, xi, 36).

The non-believers, so this argument goes, maintain that the world-matter is self-existent, underived from the existence of one, eternal God; the origin of the universe therefore arrive at its creation by a continuing evolutionary process, which does not prove were a drop of blood came from. It is claimed that such an origin may be an expected consequence of nothingness, and that the mysterious existence of God is no explanation at all. However, as the Bible states, God alone is declared to be underived, self-existent (Ex, iii, 14). In fact, for what is self-existent is basically necessary, absolute, or infinite. But the world-matter is not necessary; its essence as such provides no reason why it should exist rather than not exist, nor why it...