Going Back to Business as Usual. This essay is about how I believe people should not be obsessing about september 11 and how if we go back to business as usual the world would be better

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Going Back to Business as Usual

In the wake of the one year anniversary of September 11th, I find myself pondering why all the news and media are still so consumed with its coverage? It is my belief that the world should be trying to get back to business as usual by leaving the past behind us and looking forward. By focusing so heavily on the past, we lose sight of the present. Acts of terrorism are still happening everywhere, by letting terrorism consume our lives we're essentially allowing the terrorists to win. By continuing to play footage we reinforce the loss some people have had to deal with, not allowing them to mourn or to move on with their lives.

One might think that in the aftermath of such a tragedy, the United States would be more willing to help stop terrorism, in all its forms, whether it be international or domestic.

If anything, their violent acts of retaliation only promote more violence, which leads to more terrorism. If the United States would stop their violence against other countries, maybe others would follow their example and we could go back to feeling safe, the way we did before the terror came crashing down around us.

I believe that we have been consumed by September 11th. Having allowed terrorism to consume our lives, we have allowed the terrorists to be in control of those same lives. If we move past them and show that we are strong enough to break their control over us, then and only then have we beaten the terrorists. The best way I can imagine of breaking away from their control, is to revert to the way things were before their reign of terror.

I feel truly saddened for the people who lost friends and family...