"Gone with the wind".

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GOne with the wind

Questions Include:

1.Give a summary of the book. Include the plot, the rising conflict and its climax and so on.

2.Give the character that you identify most? Why?

3.What is the setting of the story and how does it affect the story? What would happen if the story was set in another time or setting?

4.What are the major conflicts in this story? How would have Jesus reacted to one of the conflicts in the story?

Gone With the Wind

Gone with the wind is one of best novel I have ever read. It is also the greatest love story ever written. It is set during the American civil war (1861) in which the Southern states (the Confederacy) tried to free themselves from the northern states.

The main character of this story was the beautiful Scarlett O'Hara. Her father, Gerald O'Hara was an old Irishman who owned a big cotton plantation named Tara.

He also owned tens of slaves who worked for him. Scarlett's mother was Ellen O'Hara and she was one of the kindest and most respected ladies in the county. All her life, Scarlett O'Hara wanted to be like her mother Ellen. The main O'Haras neighbors included the Wilkeses, the Tarletons, and the Calverts.

As she was the most beautiful girl in the whole county, she had many beaux compared to any girl in the county. Almost all the boys were in the county were in love with her. But the Tarleton twins, Brent and Stuart, whom Scarlett liked hanging out with were twice madly in love with her compared to any other boys. But the problem was that Scarlett didn't love them. She was madly in love with Ashley Wilkes, her neighbor. She believed that Ashley Wilkes and her...