How to be a good orator

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In our life, speech has a very important role. We ca not live without conversation with other people. In actual fact, if someone is good at speech, it means they are ad good orator. If so, let us think how to be a good orator. Even if you have never tried a speech in front of people, you can be a good orator, if you follow these three suggestions: attitude, body language and speech practice.

To be a good orator, you should practice these six attitudes first. First of all, relaxation is a very important part of a speech. For example, if you are tense while you speak to audiences, they could feel uncomfortable. However, if you relax yourself, surely, they will feel more comfortable. The next attitude is the controlling breath. Breath is one of the most important skills of a speech. Therefore, be careful of your breath, and breathe with proper timing.

Thirdly, leave overstatement and timidity from your speech. If you speak with over actions or timidly, audiences will probably feel uneasiness, and also they might not believe your speech. In addition, you should control the speed of the speech. A good way to controlling your speed is to give measure and pace to your speech: not too slew and also not too fast. The fifth attitude is accent and pronunciation. Be careful of your accent and speak clearly as, if you mumble when you speak, even though your ideas are very good, audiences may not understand your speech. The last important attitude is to speak powerfully and intensively. Even if your ideas are not that good, you can get concentration form audiences, if you speak powerfully. Thus, attitude is one of the most important parts of narrative skills.

In addition to attitude,