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Imagine going from the hardest times of life, having no talent and maturing into one of the best athletes in the world and earning the title "Mr. Hockey". The significance of this name is deep, meaning that this person is the father of hockey. The intense struggle and sacrifices a person has to go through, to earn this position is breath-taking.

Ms. Formosa and fellow classmates you will learn that miracles can happen, even to the poorest in our society. Gordie Howe proves that working hard and believing in your faith can make things become better in your life. Today, in this speech you will expand your knowledge and understand that societies unfortunate can alter their abilities and become an idol to kids, also become one of the most highly respected, and wealthy men in the world. All that is necessary is dedication, the necessities of being a kid, and determination.

Growing up in a remote area, away from the populated parts of Canada, Gordie Howe became one of the best players in the NHL. This was not considered a Hawaiian Paradise; with its lush sandy beaches, and palm trees. It was the total opposite, with the Coniferous trees, and mud. Gordie Howe was a pioneer growing up, in a small shack built by his parents. Gordie Howe is not that poor, his dad was originally from Wisconsin, he only moved to Canada because of the Homesteaders Act which says that "all land is free of which you work." This was a way of filling up Canada. It was a benefit at the time with a big family of 16; each can go their own direction and contribute to the family.

Gordie Howe showed a lot of dedication in his childhood, in Florence Saskatchewan. For Instance, he would skate almost...