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Gorilla, their class; Mammalia, order; primate. Today I am going to inform you on the characteristics of the gorilla, and how they seem to be disappearing from the face of the earth. There are two kinds of gorilla: the Mountain and the Lowland gorilla. I am also going to discuss the characteristics like their behavior.

The gorilla is the largest and strongest living primate. The skeletal strcture of the gorilla is similar to that of the human, but the bones are thicker, the arms are much longer, and the legs shorter. The animal often moves about in a stooped position, using the knuckles of their hands to bare part of their weight. The male is as tall as 5'9" and weighs about 440 pounds, the female on the other hand is only about 5' and 265 pounds. Sometimes the male will stand on its hind legs and is then about 7' tall.

Gorillas have been know to live to be around 33 years old. When the male reaches about 10 years old, he gets a gray back know as the silverback. The typical gorilla family consists of one strong male, one immature male, three to four females, and three to six youngsters. Gorillas have a gestation period of 250-290 days, approximately 9 months. The gorillas usually have single births and the babies stay with the mother until they are three years old. The females bare young every three to five years.

Now I will tell you about the diet of the gorilla. The gorillas diet consists mainy of vegetation like leaves, roots, and flowers. They only eat meat in captivity. Next, I will discuss the behavioral characteristics of the gorilla. The gorillas' behavior is somewhat like that of a human, they are usually quiet, shy, and gentle creatures.