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Transitions of Reptiles to Mammals

boring read, lots of techno words needs work on footnotes and referencesTransitions of Reptiles to MammalsA long long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, was a little blue planet calledEarth, and ... in a galaxy not too far away, was a little blue planet calledEarth, and on this world not a single mammal lived. However a lot of time has past sincethen and we now have lots of furry creatures that ...

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A Journey Through Evolution - The locomotion and behavioral changes of fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. A good starting place for short biology papers.

y want to choose the theme of "reproductive strategies" of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, or you may choose "locomotion", "environmental adaptations", etc etc etc - the list is endl ... evolutionary biology.Throughout the millions of years of evolutionary progress, the human being, a mammal of great intellect came to be. But, it wasnt always that way, from the Cambrian times forward ...

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ithin the last few years. Its first success was the now infamous sheep, Dolly. Dolly was "the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell" (Gould, 224). Pigs, frogs and other animals have been experi ...

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A Report on Bats.

that has grown wingsis the bat. The bat is a truly great creature. It has allthe characteristics of mammals while also possessing theskill of a bird in flight.There are more than 800 species of bats i ... llions. Bats also have the unique feature ofecholocation that it uses to catch insects. Though othermammals, like the flying squirrel seem to fly but actuallyglide, the bat is the only mammal that can ...

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Cloning:Facts and opinions! A speech

scientific experiments for years, but has had little attention until the birth of the first cloned mammal in 1997, a sheep named Dolly. Since Dolly several scientists have cloned other animals, inclu ...

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Technological advancements that have helped scientists identify the platypus

urious was the platypus. Since its first discovery there has been much debate as to whether it is a mammal and how it should be classified.The platypus is a primitive mammal that has many features tha ... be classified.The platypus is a primitive mammal that has many features that separate it from other mammals-it lays eggs, there is an absence of true teeth and an absence of mammary glands, although i ...

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The Koala site:

times when there is not enough moisture in the leaves. ie during droughts etc.The koala is the only mammal, other than the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum, which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus ... with their scent.BreedingThe main characteristics of marsupials which differentiate them from other mammals is that they give birth to immature young which then develop further in a pouch. The word 'm ...

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technology is the example. What is cloning? Cloning is a process used to create an exact copy of a mammal by using the complete genetic material of a regular body cell. Different from the common prop ...

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Argumentive on Human Cloning

for wanting a ban on human cloning.What is cloning? Cloning is a process used to create a copy of a mammal by using the complete genetic material of a regular body cell. Cloning needs only one cell; w ...

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Verbal Communication.

d are given by what we claim it is to mean. We can have the word "dog" as the word for a two legged mammal that speaks if everyone agrees on that meaning and communicates it that way. Each person talk ...

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The Ethical side to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

d against cloning due to the ethics behind it.On July 5th 1996 the ewe named dolly became the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult stem cell. She was created at the Roslin Institute in ... The arthritis further fueled worry among some that this form of cloning may not be appropriate for mammals, and there is now a consensus both within and outside the scientific community that the unfo ...

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Wolf Essay.

The name of my mammal is the wolf. The wolf is considered to be the ancestor of the domestic dog. It is a large ani ...

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lly realized how real it was (Waite, G., the first mammal cloned from adult cells, was born in 1996, it took a year to be announced publicly. Clinton, ...

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This essay is about the "beast" in the "Lord of the Flies". It tells about what the beast is and what it is not.

t?According to, a beast is defined as any nonhuman animal, esp. a large, four-footed mammal. In the Lord of the Flies, the beast is very important. At first, the island is going great. ...

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iger after his prey. Overall a totally strange fish that can not be defined because although it's a mammal and warm blooded, it is really cold blooded and heartless in nature as the poet describes its ...

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American Beaver

ter sunset swimming near its dam, which can be found in almost any shallow area of freshwater. This mammal is perfectly designed for the water with its thick, waterproof fur, chunky body, and an extra ...

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Kamodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon The mammal that interests me the most is the Komodo Dragon. There are a couple of reasons this animal in ... e flesh. So with those reasons in mind the Komodo Dragon is my favorite and most interesting mammal of all.

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Three-toed Sloth

oth is a creature that is on the edge of becoming extinct. The Brazilian three-toed sloth is in the Mammalia class, an Endentata, its family is the Bradypodidae, its genus is Bradypus, and its species ... ome an endangered species because predators can get to them easily. The sloth is the slowest moving mammal in the world. ( Even though the sloth is inc ...

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Cloning Overview - Pros and Cons

onings, the most famous would have to be Dolly the Sheep. Born in July of 1997, Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from the cell of an adult. This success was a scientific breakthrough; one of th ...

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Frankenstein: Creator of Evil or Evil Creator? - a Response to Mary Shelley's view of science.

On July 5, 1996, the first successfully cloned mammal was born. Soon after the cloning of this ewe named Dolly, many other large mammals were clone ...

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