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The Shark- E. J. PrattE. J. Pratt wrote the poem the Shark and it consists of three stanzas of non-rhyming poetry. We as a group feel that the poets description portrays the shark as being omnipotent for example the author states "stirred not a bubble" when the shark cuts confidently through the water without any effort. This shark was also described as being undefeatable and swims through the ocean as though he was king of the water kingdom. The author's message could be that this shark is very fearless and powerful when he states " Like a piece of sheet iron three cornered and knife-edge." The shark seems to be a totally independent out of this world creature and somewhat unearthly. When the poet writes "with its base line in the water" we can't help but think that he is describing the stalking like nature of a lion or tiger after his prey.

Overall a totally strange fish that can not be defined because although it's a mammal and warm blooded, it is really cold blooded and heartless in nature as the poet describes its "eyes of metallic grey, hard and narrow and slit." The poet describes the tabular tapered smoke blue shark as part vulture, which really is the shark in disguise of the air. He describes the shark as part wolf, which is the shark in disguise of the land, but he is neither and he is the vulture and wolf of the sea.