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south asia continued- 6.consider the effects of the green revolution on pakistan and the environmental problems in the Ganges delta/bangladesh area.

the green revolution has resulted in the conatmination of nearby wells and rivers with agricultural chemicals.

Ganges delta/bangladesh area experience widespread arsenic poisoning of village wells due to heavy application of chemical fertilizers for rice cultivation.

7. The incredible population density and TFR in South Asia are higher than anywhere else on earth. How do the family planning programs differ in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh? what is the preferred method in INdia, bangladesh? India-uses sterilization for methods of family planning, with 27 percent of India's married women now sterilized. Male sterilization is also common.

Pakistan-there is no effective coordinated family planning program.

Bangladesh-oral contraception 8. Where have rural populations concentrated in pakistan? The largest rural population is concentrated in the core area of the Ganges river valley. IN pakistan, the highest population desnsisites are found in the more humid highland regions of the north.

9. Know the three primary subsistence/staple crops in the region, rice, wheat and millet and know where are they grown. who eats the millet? Rice is the main crop.grown in the lower ganges valley. Wheat is the pricipal crop of the northern indus vallely and in the wester half of Indias ganges valley. Millet and sorghum are the main crops of the drier central India. In general, wheat and rice are the preferred staples thorough south asia and it is the poor people who consume the "rough" grains such as the various millets.

10. What is the white revolution in India? the white revolution has increased dairy efficiency and brouth about larger milk supplies in recent decades. its the use of India's cattle for milk.

11. When did the green revolution begin in...