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I remember the day I graduated from high school. I was so upset and I couldnft believe that I was going to graduate from high school. I was faced with a big question. gHow is my relationship between my best friends and I going to be after the graduation?h I was just struggling to find out the answer; perhaps I didnft want to know the answer. That night when I was thinking about the graduation, the memories of my school days with my best friends who had been associated with me for twelve years since I was six years old doing funny things that other people couldnft understand. They were with me all the time wherever I went and whatever I did. I thought at that night I was nothing if it had not been for the relationship. Because of the thought I had then, I had to struggle with a problem, gCanft I get along with my new life in America alone?h I had received the admission from Skagit Valley College, and I knew that the graduation would be the last time to mingle with my best friends.

I worried that our relationship was going to be over because I wouldnft be in Japan, at least three or four years. When I told my best friends that I was going to a college in America, not in Japan, they asked, gAre you sure about that?h I could infer from their expressions that they were shocked and sad and that they didnft want me to go. Since I decided to go to America, there would only be anxieties and loneliness.

The morning of the graduation, I was upset and confused that I could eat nothing because of the negative thoughts. When I was on the way to high school and even though the graduation was going on, I was just thinking abut the memories of school days with my best friends again as a phantasmagoria. After the ceremony, my best friends and I talked about our relationship that we had built and the experiences we had that sometimes we fought with each other, complained to each other, and did stupid things that are illegal with each other. However, we found that these experiences knitted our relationship between my best friends and I together. Suddenly, my best friends stood up and started clapping their hands, and one of my best friends whose name is Kee gave me a cad on which is written a message of congratulations on my new life in America. It said,h Hey buddy, the graduation is not the end. This is your starting line of your new life. You will always be with us, so donft be upset. If you have a problem over there, just call us to talk and solve the problem. We are proud of you.h The words my best friends gave me were so amazing and cheerful for what I was. It drove the anxiety and loneliness away. I was so glad because I hadnft expected that they would give me such a wonderful. After that, they suggest that we go out to have a dinner and celebrate our graduation from high school. Of course, I agreed with the idea as there was nothing to complain about at all and I still wanted with them at that night.

We went to a restaurant where my friends and I used haunt every after school ad stayed there for couple hours. We took a table that we used to use, ordered meals that we used to eat, and started talking like we used o used to. It seemed like nothing had happened, and I sensed that we hadnft changed at all even if we had graduated from high school just a couple of hours before. I noticed then that the thing that had been changed was just our position as high school students. I realized that I was just too anxious and nervous to graduate from high school. My friends also told me that the relationship we had built during the last twelve years would never and so easily and would be stronger in the future. What they said was absolutely right. After I parted from my best friends, I felt happy because I didnft feel that bad anymore. It was really fun to talk with my best friends although I knew that the graduation day was the last time I would see and mingle them.

It has been almost five months since I said good bye to my best friends and I came here America. However, since I talked with them at a classroom and the restaurant at the day when I graduated from high school, I knew that my relationship between my best friends and I would never be over, so I have never missed and worried about the relationship, and felt lonely. Ifm so glad that I could have such friends who support and cheer me, and I know that I will not forget them. I know this deep in my heart.