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Essay: The Osage Orange Tree

The Osage Orange Tree by William Stafford is about the relationship between a boy and a girl named Evangeline. In this story, the two main elements such as plot and theme dominate this story. This story had an interesting plot and ended in an unexpected but fascinating way. William Stafford described the scenery in such a way that we felt like we are in the story. The two met during the boy's paper route and had a conversation. The boy was in need of another customer so Evangeline took a paper home to ask her parents to buy it - or at least the boy thought she did. As the story moves on, everything that happened seemed to fall in place. Since the story was told from the boy's point of view, we can read his feelings and understand his life in a better way.

The Osage Orange Tree is a very well organized story where the details fall into place and create an interesting ending.

It all started from the first day of school when the boy stood alone by the flagpole and watched the other people talk amongst themselves happily. Then he spotted a girl, alone, wearing a faded blue dress and holding a sack lunch. During his paper route, he and Evangeline ran across one another and talked amongst each other. In need of another customer, the boy gave Evangeline one to take home and ask her parents to buy it. The next day of school Evangeline told the boy that his parents said yes. From then on, the paper was delivered under an Osage orange tree in front of Evangeline's house. This went on until graduation, when Evangeline did not show up for the graduation ceremony. The boy asked Evangeline's brother,