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Young people often have a close relationship with an elderly person. Describe the characteristics of a grandparent (real or imaginary) or any other elderly person whose company you enjoy.

Everyone has their own favorite elderly grandparent who inspired them every day to do new things and changed their life fully with new ideas!! My grandparent Mr. Sam is a man who began to play a major role in my daily life was first introduced to me by my mom at the age of 3.

I have learned many things from my grandfather and the few main things are- respect, generosity and to be caring. My grandpa encourages me to set goals and tells me never to look back into the life of past. My grandpa loves me for who I am and that is one thing I love the most about him. He always makes me feel that I am capable of reaching the sky if I put my mind towards it!!!

My grandpa is a very humorous person. He loves to exchange jokes with his loved ones and make them laugh. Whenever you are dull he will always crack a joke to rejoice yourself. 'Determination' was one very big thing he taught me in life after a major tragic incident that took place in his life. A big problem that I thought he wouldn't overcome was the loss of his mother at the age of 55. He shared a very close relationship with his mother and they had such a deep understanding that nobody could explain but slowly as time passed he stopped looking back into the past and started thinking about his duties and responsibilities.

Even though my grandfather didn't get proper education he taught himself as well as his siblings how to read and write and appeared...