A Great Discovery

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My fingers grappled the jagging rocks and I frantically pulled myself up onto dry land. The rigid waters ebbed and smashed mercilessly on my back, almost putting me into hyperthermia. Spasms wrecked by muscles and I limped sub-consciously into a large cave. As I crawled more into the cavern, I realized that the vicinity was losing its luminosity. I was given two choices - stay and die of cold or, enter and risk my life. I was not one who gave up easily, hence I ventured deeper into the rock-strewn cavern.

As I was shuffling into the cave with both my palms "magnetized" onto the cavern's even walls, I heard absolutely nothing but my breaths and footsteps. It was torturous to invade into an alien land and not having sight. Suddenly, a flock of winged-creatures - most probably bats - swept across the apex of the cave, producing screeching shrieks that rang through the whole cavern. I knelt down with both my hands covering my head and kept absolutely still. The raging horde finally subsided, and everything was unruffled again. I continued to venture even deeper into the tunneling grotto and unknowingly realized that it was getting much warmer. Weird thoughts revolved round my mind - Trolls, witches, minotaurs, devils?! "How absurd." I whispered to myself. Then, a crackling sound of fire became apparent was I hobbled across the pebbly ground. The sound of dripping water was also heard. I tip-toed in consternation towards the sounds and saw a thin crevice that allowed me to peer into a large hall. I gleamed into the crevice and saw something absolutely mind-blowing. My eyes widened. "Paradise. Paradise!" I exclaimed.

Out of the blue, I heard a snarling groan. Chills shattered down my spine instantaneously and every strand of...