What is that great sound?

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This style is full of color, creation, and emotion. This style of music is full sadness and happiness. This style of music brings people together to share happy moments or bad tragedy. This type of music allows the musicians to express themselves in their own way and the solos they play. This style of music is a revolution to all cultures of music. This style of music is like New York City: New York city is a city that has 5 cities in one. Just like the music that I am presenting about. This music has all types of styles of music put in one. It has its great place in music world today. That great magnificent sound of music and plays a big part in the music history is called "JAZZ"

Jazz is full of color, creation, and emotion. It's full of sadness and happiness. Jazz is the music the bring people together to sing, dance, and to have a good time with one another.

Jazz is about the only type of music that will let the musicians express themselves in their own way. Jazz has all type of music that is express to the world today: such as blues, swing, funk, soul, rock, r & b and gospel. In the 1920s, jazz played a big role in the communities. Back then people lived jazz, jazz is like sex, people was addicted to it. Jazz is freedom.

Jazz is the life of music. A good jazz musician plays with the love of music, not just sitting down on the piano looking at a sheet of music place in front of you. Jazz come from with in the heart. Jazz its hard work in it too. Like myself for instant, I love jazz music, I am a part of the...