The Green Blob That Couldn't.

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"The Green Blob That Couldn't"


STARRING Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas


RATING 3/10 (For Camera Technique)

Universal Pictures presents a film directed by Ang Lee. Written by John Turman, Michael France, James Schamus, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Based on the story by James Schamus. Running time: 138 minutes. Rated M (for sci-fi action violence, some disturbing images and brief partial nudity of Eric Bana's upper thigh).

The Hulk is different than most Marvel superheroes in that his powers are a curse, not an advantage like Spiderman and dudes like that. When rage comes over him, it is not to fight evil or defend, but simply to bash up people and look like an idiot

Ang Lee's "Hulk" is the most talkative and boring recent comic book movie. Banner (Eric Bana) is the son of a scientist (Nick Nolte) who had experimented on his own DNA code, and passed along genes to his son that are transformed by a lab accident into his son's powers.

Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) is his research partner; they were almost lovers, but it didn't work out for her so she dropped him off. Her father is the General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Sam Elliott), who is determined to destroy the Hulk (good luck). When the Hulk's amazing powers become known, the military of course tries to kill him which is normal for a movie about monsters and aliens like in the movie "Mars Attacks". The movie brings up ethical issues about genetic experimentation and the misuse of scientific research.

The Hulk himself is the least successful element in the film. He is not convincing in close up because he looks like a green blob of pixels. In addition the movie relies completely...