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Janea Gill

April 28, 2014

Extra Credit

Environmental Science

On April 22, 2014 I attended a Chabot Goes Green seminar about a "California Climate Action Plan", by Katie Hsia Kiung from the Environmental Defense Fund on California Climate Action Plan. A plan to reduce greenhouse gasses which will help slow down climate change caused by global warming. The start of climate change is the change in global weather patterns, long term alteration in temperature and storm activity, regarded as potential consequence of greenhouse effects. Global warming can and will lead to several problems that affect the environment in which we live in. These problems can lead to warmer temperatures all around the world, it can endanger wildlife, and lead to widespread flooding from the glaciers melting. It will also cause damage to human health, severe stress on forests, wetlands, and other natural habitats. Global warming is a serious problem that will affect our generation and generations to come.

California is leading the way with prevention measures to reduce greenhouse gases, but no matter how quickly we cut our climate polluting emissions, climate impacts will still occur. Katie discussed one plan that is already in motion which is called Cap & Trade. Cap & Trade is a program that will force large companies that produce large amounts of greenhouse gasses to cut down or pay fines. How it works is, California sets caps which are "limits" on how much greenhouse gasses are allowed. Each year the cap will be lessened in hopes that by the year 2050 greenhouse gasses will be lower. So let's say the cap is 80MT for the year, and 100 companies need allowances. Companies will have to share the 80MT available, or find ways to cut back their greenhouse gasses. Companies have the option to either cut...