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Jordy Shenker Mrs. Grgas World Humanities-1 28 October 2014

"War does not decide who's right, but who's left." In today's world, war is being fought

everyday, one side who is looked upon as right, and one side who is looked upon as wrong.

Depending on who is making the judgement, is based on what type of view they have towards

the situation being disputed. I agree with this statement completely. People win wars and

arguments, but not always in a morally just way. Power takes a major toll on the decisions

people make. Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen is a story that centers around the conflict

two brothers face. Dr. Stockmann is a man who discovered that the bath system is infected with

a disease that can be a big threat to the whole town. He recommends that everyone should try

and fix the baths or close them down. The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann's brother, doesnt

believe that there is anything wrong with the baths so refuses to make a change. He believes

that it will ruin the stability of the economy. Dr. Stockman decides he will try and approach the

people with his findings on the bath, but Peter interferes and tells the people how much more

money they will need to spend in order to repair the baths. The two brothers decided to host a

community meeting where they would discuss the current state of the baths. During the

meeting, Dr. Stockman is accused of being an enemy of the people which riles everyone up

against his ideas. Right before the doctor decided he should flee the town, he realized that he

must fight using everything he has in his power to prove that he is right. Antigone by Sophecles,

begins where she arrives at...