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Paper 1- The Management of Grief

Grief in Diversity

Outside of India, many may find India and people of Indian decent to be quite peculiar. We as people are all so different especially between cultures. Based on the actual event, the Sikh terrorist bombing of an Air India plane on June 23, 1985, which killed all 329 passengers and crew, The Management of Grief emphasizes on Shaila Bhave's in the hours, days, and months after the deaths of her husband and two young sons. The story centers on her of grief and guilt, which are detailed to her Indian culture. As an Indian wife, she hadn't expressed her husband's name or ever told him that she loved him which is also particular to her culture. Most Westerners don't express these feelings because they assume that the second party knows.

Primarily, The Management of Grief begins by Shaila Bhave narrating that there are many women in her kitchen boiling tea that she barely knows and she neglects to mention why all these strangers are boiling tea in her kitchen.

It doesn't seem as if Mrs. Bhave has a problem in the world but soon, we learn that in actuality, she has lost her husband and two kids in the attack. In the story, Shaila is hopeful that her sons are possibly alive because of how great of a swimmer one of them are and how he could possibly save the other. Shaila feels that it is a mothers' job to be hopeful and it is quite customary in the Indian culture to be hopeful. However, soon Shaila comes to grips with the death of her family. Still, she keeps a calm exterior. Mrs. Bhave is in fact so calm, that she...