Group and Team Dynamics within the movie "Antz"

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The film "Antz" targets adults with its humor, but it is also appealing to

younger children who enjoy cartoons. In the movie each ant is expected to take

their place in the system and serve the greater good of the colony, sacrificing

their time, energy, and even their lives. There are three central characters in the

film: Z, Princess Bala, and the evil General Vandible. Z is the main character,

and he is a disgruntled worker ant desperate to find his individual significance in

the midst of a social system that focuses solely on the good of the colony. He

dreams of a better place and longs to go in search of "Isectopia" where you can

"be your own ant". An interesting theme of the movie is how the ants have very

similar qualities that of humans.


In the movie "Antz" the ants posses very many qualities which are similar, and

some the same as humans.

The first quality that is similar to humans, is that the

ants all try to work themselves to the top of the ant colony, this is one quality that

the character Z has more then the others. Another quality that the ants have to

live by which is they live and follow instructions by one controller. The ants also

posses many similar human characteristics. They also show similar emotions

that us humans show. The ants in the movie also posses the same actions, and

there is great similarity to their interaction with each other, as us humans have.

These qualities are all clearly shown throughout the whole movie, and are very

much similar, and some are exactly the same as human qualities. As we all

know, a humans dream in general, it to get to the top of their...