Group Effectiveness in Communication.

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I am a member of several groups. After finally having the opportunity to read the information provided in the text, I have come to understand on a much deeper level what is truly involved in and considered as effective group communication. Prior to today, when I was not able to put my hands on a copy of the text, I would have classified all of my groups' communications as effective. Chapter 4 has forced me to reassess this opinion and has made me come to see things that I was not aware that I was even overlooking. Overall, I have come to appreciate more than ever my chosen group, and the potential and benefits that a strong leader can bring to a group, as well as to me personally.

My chosen and most effective group is the one I work with. I am a relatively new member of this group, yet caught on very quickly to the group's pre-established communication patterns upon joining.

I credit this to our supervisor. She treats us all as her peers; her equals. She encourages our team to share our thoughts, insights, feelings, and concerns about our individual tasks and responsibilities, and offers plenty of feedback accordingly. Being the newest addition to the team, I felt quite nervous and feared it may take me some time to get up to speed. This was not at all the case. She was extremely patient, and extended her assistance to myself, as well as to the rest of our group, without limitation. The single most significant element I attribute to my rapid professional growth as well as my team's success is my supervisor's willingness and ability to communicate effectively.

As said by Johnson & Johnson, "Effective communication exists among group members when the receivers interpret the sender's...