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3Introduction �

3Manufacturing systems �

4Manufacturing strategies �

4Make to Stock (MTS) Strategy �

5Lean and Agile manufacturing. �

6Which strategy for which environment? �

7Leagile �

7Postponement �

8Future Supply Chain - Manufacturing strategies �

8Mass Customization �

8Flexibility Manufacturing Systems �

8Rapid Manufacturing Systems (RM) �

8Summary of Manufacturing Strategies: �

9Conclusion �

11Appendix 1 �

11Summary table of Major manufacturing systems �

12Appendix 2 �

12Developing Manufacturing strategies �

13Appendix 3 �

13Summary of manufacturing Strategies �

14Appendix 4 �

14Make to Stock flow chart �

15Appendix 5 �

15The 7 muda �

16Appendix 6 �

16Implementing the TPS by Professor Y. Monden �

17Appendix 7 �

17Comparison of Supply Chain Characteristics �

18Appendix 8 �

18The Generic Supply Chain strategies �

19Appendix 9 �

19The de-coupling point �

19Appendix 10 �

19Postponement Framework �

20Appendix �

20Postponement Classification �

21Appendix �

21Future Supply Chain �

21Appendix �

21Different Leagile SC strategies based on postponement �

22References �




As is well-known, every activity that companies do is to accomplish their business objectives or goals which are always associated with cost reduction and profit maximization.

There is no difference for manufacturing where it has been defined as "the making of products from raw materials using various processes, equipment, operations and manpower according to a detailed plan that is cost-effective and generates income through sales"(Scallan, 2003). Therefore, how to develop a successful manufacturing strategy to achieve cost-effectiveness and profitability is crucial; and it also becomes the objective of this report. By reviewing and analysing numerous literatures, this report will discuss some important characteristics of the major manufacturing systems; it will also demonstrate the applications of the commonly used manufacturing strategies as well as the newly born ones; and then it will...